Go Rogue

This animation was created the same way as the Fettbreeze video, a variation of stop-motion.
The difference here being that this was created in 3 weeks for a contest tied into the release of Rogue One.
There were restrictions on the videos, could only use images or video you took and add them to background images they supplied
and you had to use music that they provided.

So I cut the images in to multiple layers so I could try and create depth as the camera moved through the scene.

I needed it to NOT look like a still image just zooming out, to make it look more “real”.
This would have been a lot of work under any circumstance but creating the concept,
figuring out how to do it and finishing it in 3 weeks while also working a 40+ hour a week day job was
…rough. But overall I am happy with the result.

Spoilers: I didn’t win the contest. 🙁